Market Mapping solution for a Regional Bank

The challenge:

Our client, a regional bank, was looking for a successor to the Head of Compliance to lead their general Compliance and AML Compliance teams and needed to gauge the quality of available candidates via some detailed market intelligence. Candidates had to have strong regulatory experience for both Hong Kong and the wider region, as well as excellent communication skills to liaise with regulators and senior management. We were engaged to map the market and provide a thorough understanding of the talent landscape.

Our solution:

We mapped all the candidates in the Hong Kong Banking sector that met the criteria, starting with our existing relationships and then extending the reach through referrals. Rather than provide a list of candidates with salary information, we wanted to drill down further for our client, so we scheduled meetings with the candidates to learn more about their skillsets, experiences, and management style. We presented our list to the bank, which enabled them to shortlist those candidates they felt had the right motivation and would be the best fit and move forward with their succession planning.

The outcome:

  • The comprehensive information showed the hiring manager that there were options outside of the bank

  • The map enabled them to manage the timeline and process for recruiting the successor without missing anyone in the market

  • The bank shortlisted candidates from the mapping list for interviews and filled the role