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Ciao Qiao

Senior Executive


Ciao Qiao

Ciao is a seasoned recruitment specialist specializing in retail, beauty and consumer industry with a focus on Retail Operation, Business Development, Training, Key Account Management, PR Communication, and Marketing.

With 5+ years’ recruitment experience gained from both Mainland China and Hong Kong, Ciao has built a strong relationship with candidates and can always provide satisfactory business solutions to clients. Her track record includes Retail Director, Senior Retail Manager, Regional BD Manager, Senior Key Account Manager, Sales Head, Area Manager, Flagship Store Manager, Department Sales Manager, Training Head for top luxury, beauty and retail brands.

A graduate from the Nanjing Audit University in Human Resource Management, Ciao worked in Germany before relocating to Hong Kong and joined the recruitment industry. Ciao is a native Mandarin speaker and speaks fluent English and Cantonese.



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